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6882 -

0 ft2
A great office space that can be used for multiple purposes.

6864 -

0 ft2
This large banquet hall is perfect for multiple venues. Amazing architecture, great views, high ceilings with ample ...

6804 -

4 25.000 ft2
Classic Mid Century Design with amazing stained glass chapel. This property has classrooms, a cafeteria and a great ...

6095 -

0 ft2
Large Community Center with classrooms, office space and children’s outdoor play area!

6061 -

0 ft2
This is a well designed office space available a kitchen space and lobby available.

6074 -

0 ft2
This office space has a variety of offices and conference rooms available.

6096 -

0 ft2
This modern office has many different areas to serve multiple purposes including offices, conference rooms, lobby a ...

6071 -

0 ft2
This large industrial building has space for multiple uses as well as office areas.

6021 -

76.5 19.970 ft2
This home is one of the largest and most significant architectural treasures in the prestigious community of Pasade ...

6008 -

0 ft2
Industrial building with multiple large office space areas

6007 -

0 ft2
Large open industrial building with office spaces.