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6879 -

0 ft2
This ranch located on 200 acres is a playbook from the old West. With all kinds of animals, cabins. tents, spectacu ...

6913 -

32 1.700 ft2
This charming home in San Pedro has a guest house that can double as an apartment look.

6872 -

32 2.600 ft2
Built in 1929, this beautiful All American home is loaded with curb appeal and storybook personality. The landscapi ...

6871 -

21 1.600 ft2
This is a 1948 All American home. Nicely renovated with new colorful paint, mid-tone grey vinyl floors throughout, ...

6865 -

21 901 ft2
This home is loaded with charm, with hardwood floors, high ceilings and custom finishes. There is also a guest hous ...

6829 -

43 3.136 ft2
Beautiful all American home. This home has plenty of light and a great floor plan. The backyard is inviting and can ...

6767 -

32 1.484 ft2
Don’t miss this delightful well cared for mid-century residence. It offers a prime location and is set among ...