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6879 -

0 ft2
This ranch located on 200 acres is a playbook from the old West. With all kinds of animals, cabins. tents, spectacu ...

6882 -

0 ft2
A great office space that can be used for multiple purposes.

6871 -

21 1.600 ft2
This is a 1948 All American home. Nicely renovated with new colorful paint, mid-tone grey vinyl floors throughout, ...

6864 -

0 ft2
This large banquet hall is perfect for multiple venues. Amazing architecture, great views, high ceilings with ample ...

6863 -

0 ft2
Studio space great for multiple venues.

6845 -

33 1.931 ft2
Amazing All American home with great curb appeal, lots of light and a warm feel. Updates throughout home reflect hi ...

6815 -

43 2.597 ft2
Charming All American with two separate living room looks, a chef’s kitchen and a great wood shop.

6813 -

75 7.000 ft2
This amazing home is full of character. From a grand foyer with a double staircase and high ceilings to a resort st ...

6804 -

4 25.000 ft2
Classic Mid Century Design with amazing stained glass chapel. This property has classrooms, a cafeteria and a great ...

6045 -

4 30.000 ft2
This Spacious creative enclave has a cafe, industrial kitchen, offices, Yoga Studio and plenty of parking on site. ...