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6881 -

54 2.565 ft2
Built in 1036, this home has many upgraded features. It has high ceilings, a gourmet kitchen, fireplace with views ...

6880 -

67 5.742 ft2
Modern home featuring gourmet kitchen and huge quartz countertop.

6879 -

0 ft2
This ranch located on 200 acres is a playbook from the old West. With animals, cabins. tents, spectacular terrain, ...

6841 -

44 3.290 ft2
This expansive All American 2 story home sits on a large lot, with pool. The home features an open floor plan, ston ...

6839 -

5050 100.000 ft2
Amazing loft with incredible views of the city! Photo, film and event space housed in historical building that was ...

6776 -

This Modern Office has a great conference room, open floor plan and even has cafe seating! Complete with a modern k ...