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6889 -

0 ft2
Large new construction office complex with space available for multiple venues.

6888 -

0 ft2
Newly constructed office building available for multiple purposes.

6887 -

0 ft2
Large office space available for multiple venues.

6882 -

0 ft2
A great office space that can be used for multiple purposes.

6870 -

2 30.000 ft2
Welcome to an immaculate 30,000 square foot Los Angeles space available for filming, still shoots, and event rental ...

6864 -

0 ft2
This large banquet hall is perfect for multiple venues. Amazing architecture, great views, high ceilings with ample ...

6863 -

0 ft2
Studio space great for multiple venues.

6857 -

0 ft2
This dental office has reception area, office space and medical offices.

6045 -

4 30.000 ft2
This Spacious creative enclave has a cafe, industrial kitchen, offices, Yoga Studio and plenty of parking on site. ...

6777 -

0 ft2
This Creative space has warmth and a retro minimalist style. It has a charming kitchen and wood paneled walls and c ...

6776 -

This Modern Office has a great conference room, open floor plan and even has cafe seating! Complete with a modern k ...

6775 -

0 ft2
This Modern Tech office passes as a brokerage firm, Computer Hack space, Web designing company etc.. Complete with ...